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Coronavirus: Measures undertaken regarding public activities in the borough region

Given the global crisis that the borough of Adeje is also immersed in, and evaluating the administrative measures relative to the suspension or postponement of group activities in the Canarian Autonomy Region undertaken by the Health Department of the Canarian Regional Government, this council is calling for unity in action on the part of the Adeje residents in undertaking the measures, and here is information regarding the measures taking at municipal level.

For the Adeje council, as is the same for all the other authorities, the priority is the health and security of persons. Taking into consideration that the main objective underlined by the health authorities is to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), we are asking our residents for the levels of understanding and collaboration needed as we undertake, among other things, a series of measures designed to meet that objective. 

For this reason we are advising our citizens that there are a number of suspensions and postponements of public activities in the borough, and that to make this effective your cooperation and solidarity is fundamental in strengthening our resolve to avoid the further spread of the virus.

Adeje council is suspending, for the time frame as outlined by order of the Department of Health, from March 11th 2020, and continuing to abide by these orders regarding any extensions or lifting of such orders, the following activities: 

  • As a general rule, all cultural, recreational, sporting or leisure activities organised by the council.
  • The operation of the Senior Citizens day centre, with ongoing care plans in place for individuals which will be carried out through home helps and people from the ‘quality of life’ project.
  • The Centre for Special Needs individuals.
  • Preventative hygiene measures are being strengthened as is the monitoring of the children in the Municipal Crèche.
  • The Leisure and Free Time campaign is suspended – this includes all the sporting activities and those organised by the municipal sporting schools.
  • The Adeje School  of Music is suspending all activities.
  • Sports centres will be closed.
  • Teams that have been assigned to different municipal training schools taking part in federal or schools competitions will no longer be available at meets.
  • As it is considered an important supply point for the public, the Adeje Farmers Market will stay open during normal hours, but will put a series of special informative and protective measures in place with a team of professionals.
  • All public activities in cultural centres and buildings regarding the aforementioned activities, except those which offer a regulated teaching or training activity, such as the ULL Tourism Grade and the CDTCA training schemes.

These measures may be extended, lifted or modified as the situation develops.

Financial  assistance measures

In the face of the economic crisis generated by the effects of the pandemic, the Adeje council has also adopted a series of measures designed to alleviate somewhat these effects in the production network of municipal businesses.  This is taking the form of assistance for, above all, workers, small and medium enterprises, the self-employed and economic operators, to protect employment and facilitate fiscal commitments.

To this end, the council has decided to postpone the municipal fiscal calendar for everyone in the borough. This means that no one needs to pay rates etc until the end of the year, which affects the population in general and those businesses based in the borough.  Specifically this applies to payments and taxes regarding cars, rubbish collection, urban and rural rates and IAE (local business taxes).  

The Adeje council will continue to evaluate the situation, and consider, when or where necessary, other measures and actions to offset the negative impact of the economic crisis, with the only aim being the avoidance, in as much as is possible, of the destruction of employment and the borough’s production network.  

Thank you for your understanding. 



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Information distributed by the Department of Public Health, Canarian Health Service, about the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and the situation in the Canary Islands.

Dada la crisis sanitaria global en la que el municipio de Adeje también está inmerso y valorando las medidas administrativas relativas a la suspensión o aplazamiento de actividades colectivas en la Comunidad Autónoma de Canarias llevadas a cabo por parte de la Consejería de Sanidad del Gobierno de Canarias, este Ayuntamiento quiere hacer un llamamiento solidario a la ciudadanía para llevar a cabo su cumplimiento, así como informar de las medidas municipales adoptadas.

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