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Requirements to obtain the mark

  • Possess, or be in the process of obtaining, the permits and authorisations required to develop the activity.
  • Satisfactorily comply with the measures, obligations and recommendations set out by the competent authorities in matters of preventing the transmission of contagious viruses or diseases such as COVID-19, as well as those specifically detailed in this regulation.
  • Certify that staff related to the establishment or service open to the public have received suitable training in prevention and good practices against contagious viruses and diseases.
  • Agree to submit to the control and verification actions set out in this regulation.


There are three categories: basic (if the minimum requirements set out in this regulation are met), Silver and Gold, depending on the type of activity and the degree to which the recommendations set out in the regulation's appendix are implemented.

Awarding of one or the other will be decided by the Assessment Committee.

Awarding of the mark.

Application: Interested establishment owners may apply for the mark. To do so, they must submit a self-assessment questionnaire, previously drawn up by the University Institute of Tropical Diseases and Healthcare of the University of La Laguna, which will be uploaded to the electronic office and will vary depending on the activity in question.

Processing: This will be carried out by the Tourism Department.

  • Once the documentation has been received, it will be studied by an Assessment Committee.
  • If the “Silver” or “Gold” category is requested, the Canary Islands Foundation for the Control of Tropical Diseases in collaboration with the University Institute of Tropical Diseases and Healthcare of the University of La Laguna will first assess the information provided by the applicant, they will prepare a report detailing the requirements and recommendations to be assessed to obtain the mark, and they may even send this to the applicant so they may remedy or “improve” and opt for a higher mark. This report will be paid for by the applicant.
  • All applications will be evaluated by the ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE, which will draw up a report on the awarding of the marks requested and the validity of each depending on the activity in question.

Validity and loss of the mark

Validity: It's awarded for one year unless the Assessment Committee recommends a different term.

Fraudulent use: If the mark is used fraudulently, this may be sanctioned in accordance with the Municipal Ordinance on the Protection of Health and Defence of Consumers and Users.

Monitoring and checking visits: The Local Government, alongside the Foundation and Institute, will periodically monitor and check that establishments continue to comply with the requirements that resulted in the mark being awarded.

Loss of the mark: If it were to be discovered that an establishment does not comply with the requirements that resulted in the mark being awarded, a proposal will be sent to the Local Government's Plenary Session suggesting that it be withdrawn.

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