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The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented health, social and economic crisis that has seen business activity and employment suffer a sharp, generalised fall across geographical areas, which has been particularly intense in the service industry. 

In an area like Adeje, whose economy is mainly driven by tourism, this crisis has been particularly impactful. In light of these circumstances, it's extremely important that public institutions and the private sector join forces to try to restart the economy and, above all, do so in optimal conditions of health and safety to restore the confidence of locals and tourists alike.

Creation of this quality seal or mark for spaces and establishments open to the public in the area is a response to the need for an instrument that helps to regain citizens' trust regarding health safety when using said facilities. The aim is for users to obtain reliable information through this seal on the hygiene, sanitary and prevention measures implemented by the authorities and business owners to ensure these establishments are safe.

In terms of tourism, it's an instrument that will also help to promote the destination as a “safe destination”, improving its competitiveness against others.

The University Institute of Tropical Diseases and Healthcare of the University of La Laguna and the Canary Islands Foundation for the Control of Tropical Diseases (Fundación Canaria para el Control de Enfermedades Tropicales) are involved in the process of awarding this mark, as a result of the collaboration initiative devised by the Local Government of Adeje with both entities to introduce the mark.

Aims of the Regulation

  • Public recognition of establishment owners for having implemented good practices in terms of preventing the transmission of viruses such as COVID-19.
  • Provide users with reliable information on the establishments that obtain the mark and how they apply good prevention practices.
  • Improve the competitiveness of the tourist destination and services in the area.
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