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Am I a victim of domestic violence?

Has this ever happened to you?  Don’t ignore the signals.

  • He controls the money you earn or you have to ask him for money.  He is taking important decisions without asking your opinion
  • He tells you how to dress
  • He gets angry if you spend time with your friends and/or family
  • He controls your mobile phone, email or social networks
  • You have to let him know when you are going out and what time you will be home to avoid problems
  • Your personal, professional or academic achievements are not as important as his
  • He organises your free time without consulting you
  • He makes you feel like you are nothing without him.  He makes you doubt your own capabilities
  • You behave differently in public to avoid annoying him
  • You are afraid to tell him if you are going out with friends
  • You are nervous if you find yourself looking at a member of the opposite sex in case he notices and uses it to have a row

Signs that my partner is using domestic violence

Control: he is trying to know everything about and make decisions about your day to day life.  He phones continuously and goes everywhere with you.  He asks for all your passwords, wants to change and control your way of speaking, dressing, and behaving.  He insists on knowing everything about you.

Jealous: he is obsessively preoccupied about your relationships with friends and family. He wants you only for himself – not a sign of love but a sign of insecurity and control.

Emotional blackmail: he blames you for things that are not your responsibility, he is intolerant.  He insists that his wishes should come first.

Social isolation: he works to reduce or eliminate your social life, to ensure that you have no contact with friends or family. 

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