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Kinds of gender violence within a relationship

The most frequent types of domestic violence are:

Physical violence

Injury or the threat of physical injury by slaps, punches, pushes, hair pulling, strangulation attempts, bites, kicks, scratches, throwing things that can harm, forcing the other person to consume drugs or alcohol, refusing to take them for medical treatment.

Psychological violence

Behaviour and patterns of conduct that damage the mental and emotional integrity of their partner and affects their personal dignity – insults, humiliations, threats, control, prohibitions, belittling, and emotional blackmail.

Sexual violence

If someone is forced to have or continue with sexual relations, forced physically or by use of psychological pressure.   It is also a form of sexual violence if you are forced to adopt certain positions during sex or forced to dress in a provocative way, or if there is unwanted physicality.

Economic and patrimonial violence

This happens if you are intentionally and without justification deprived of the resources you need for your physical and psychological wellbeing and that of your children, or when there is inequality and discrimination in the sharing of resources in the family home.

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