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Children are also victims of domestic violence

It is enough for a child to have grown up in an environment where domestic violence has been present to consider her or him a victim of domestic violence too.

The impact of domestic violence can start during pregnancy, with increases in the secretion of cortisol, affecting the healthy development of the baby and altering her or his future stress-tolerance levels.

Even though you may think your children are not listening to arguments or are not present during abusive episodes, they will always feel the impact of domestic violence - in the emotional state of their mother, in the home, the physical marks the violence has left….

Growing up in an atmosphere of domestic violence means that children will believe

  • That men are superior to women, perpetuated by the stereotypical fingerprint of male violence
  • That violence is a legitimate way of exercising power, of control, and that the world is divided into victims and aggressors
  • If you are angry with someone violence is permissible, they won’t learn other ways of expressing anger
  • They will link violence with love, understand that, “I am hurting you for your own good, so that you learn”
  • They will have difficulty with their emotional development and understanding, with feelings of love and hatred for the same person, who is also supposed to give them love, affection and security. 
  • Domestic violence will affect the development of their personality, personal relationships and leave them with the image of a world that is hostile.
  • Even though it may seem paradoxical, children will often feel responsible for the situation…”me or mum have done something to make dad angry..if we behave ourselves he won’t be mad”.
  • The children will easily develop disorders related to adapting to a bad situation over which they have no control


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