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What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is any kind of behaviour – verbal or physical – of a sexual nature, which attempts to or manages to damage the dignity of the person, in particular if the aggressor creates an intimidating, degrading or offensive scenario.

What is using sex as sexual harassment?

This would be any behaviour that uses the sex of a person to produce a situation where their dignity is under attack, or creating an intimidating, degrading or offensive scenario.  For instance, harassing a woman for carrying out a job that would have traditionally been seen as man’s work!

Can you report on-going and repeated harassment?

YES YOU CAN REPORT IT.  Stalking is a form of repeated behaviour that risks and reduces the liberty and sense of security of the victim whom the stalker wishes to control.  This can also take the form of messages, phone calls, or other continuous forms of bullying. 

Is it legal for my partner to share pictures or videos of me?

NO, IT IS ILLEGAL.  Sexting is the sending of sexually explicit messages created by the sender, online or by telephone to a partner where consent has been given within the intimacy of the relationship.  However if one of the parties shares such images or videos to a third party without consent this is illegal.

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