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Rights of victims

  • The right to information, legal and otherwise, regarding her rights and that of her children, information regarding protection measures, economic assistance, specialised resources, etc.  A woman can call 016 which is an information and assessment line for women in danger. The call is free and is staffed 24 hours a day.  There are operators who speak many languages and there is also access for people with hearing and communication difficulties.  
  • Right to integrated social assistance, to social, judicial, psychological and labour related assistance in recovery and empowerment.
  • Priority in access to social housing and public housing for older women.
  • Immediate right to schooling
  • Grants and schooling aids
  • Right to free legal aid
  • Employment assistance and right to access social service benefits.  Assistance in work conciliation process regarding personal and family situation (justifying absences, flexible working hours, reduction of the working day, etc)
  • Economic rights: 
    • RAI – a way of accessing benefit as a victim of domestic violence. There is also supplementary help if you need to move house (SEPE request)
    • Economic benefits for women who have been victims of domestic violence from the Canarian Equality Institute if they can show they have insufficient funds or difficulties in finding work to assist them in a guaranteed level of social integration and economic independence
    • Certain assistance from the IASS  (social services institute) to be able to escape a domestic violence setting (basic needs such as somewhere to sleep, transport, school, health needs, urgent requirements)
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