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Myths surrounding gender violence

Myths are used to normalise the violent behaviour of the abuser and blame the victim.

  • Domestic violence only happens in low income and poorly educated settings
  • Psychological abuse isn’t as serious as physical violence
  • Abused women must like it, if they didn’t they wouldn’t let it happen
  • Someone who abuses a woman is suffering a form of mental illness
  • Drinking and drug taking is the cause of violent behaviour
  • Violence is in a man’s nature
  • If a woman really loves and understands her partner enough he will change and stop abusing her
  • A women can’t refuse sexual intimacy with her partner
  • What happens behind closed doors is a private matter
  • He will change
  • Jealousy, stress, being out of work are the reasons behind domestic violence
  • The violence will stop after a while
  • When a woman says  “No” she means “Yes”
  • This doesn’t happen to young women, only when people are married
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